Commanders Club of MI

TThe mission of the Commanders Club of Michigan is to promote the best interests of the State of Michigan, particularly in the areas of maritime affairs; supporting the Michigan Department of Military and Veterans Affairs; supporting the U.S. Naval SeCadets of the United States Division and the Michigan Commanders Battalion; supporting the Great Lakes Maritime Academy; honoring those sailors and ships lost on the Great Lakes; supporting efforts to have U.S. Navy ships named and commissioned for Michigan related people and places; supporting the recruiting efforts of the maritime services, assisting in the placement of qualified individuals at the U.S. Service Academies, Navy and other services, ROTC programs, enlistments in the Armed Forces including the Michigan Army and Air National Guard; providing assistance and attending Detroit Navy Week activities, the U.S. Navy Balls, the U.S. Coast Guard Memorial and Parade, and the Michigan Adjutant General’s Social at Camp Grayling; supporting legislation for water safety and boating controls in and on the Great Lakes; assisting in improvements for water recreational facilities, boating facilities, marine recreational development; and assisting in the promotion and expansion of recruiting, training and educational facilities of marine oriented associations.