About the show

Hi, I am Pamela Keim and I consider myself a Cheerleader for West Michigan and Beyond and I call The Grand Castle Home.  Grand Tap Media conducts professional interviews with local businesses, nonprofits, authors, and community members to give them a space to share their stories.

Do you as a business owner, a non-profit agency or author looking for an authentic genuine platform to bring your story to the community? Are you looking for an opportunity to share your passion with your audience? Do you need a professional video interview to share with your audiences?

Be interviewed by Pamela Keim, Grand Tap Media at The Grand Castle.

Pamela’s authentic genuine style will put you at ease and give you a platform to tell your story, in your own words, on why you wrote that book, why you created that event or non-profit, and to share your passion with your community and audience.  Pamela will help you give a voice to your cause.


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