Grand Tap Media is looking for interns majoring in Marketing, Public Relations, or Communications. We are small but excited to grow and help people share their stories and wisdom to create a better West Michigan. If we can create a vibrant company, we will be able to bring on people that want to create a better West Michigan, too.  

An internship position at Grand Tap Media will include:

  • Acquiring sponsors for the show.
  • Assisting in the creation of a business budget that reaches business goals.
  • Editing content that is being created and shared  
  • Scheduling television guests and following up with them
  • Keeping promotional materials updated
  • Creating social media content to promote guests and the show


Working with Pamela was an amazing start to my professional career. She has plenty of wisdom which she is very willing to share with you, and help you grow and blossom. Pamela is the networking queen and learning her tips and tricks is absolutely invaluable. No-one can teach you how to network the way that Pamela can. She is an amazing connecting resource to the fantastic communities that make up Grand Rapids and the surrounding areas, as well as the area’s business and community leadership. I would recommend interning with Pamela to anyone! 
– Adna Coralic, former intern

Pamela’s presence in my life as a mentor and friend has been inspiring, impactful, and invaluable.  She is a warrior for self-discovery and owning your true potential.

As a friend and fellow working wife and mother, Pamela has offered wisdom, empathy, and encouragement.  As a professional, Pamela embraced her passion for leadership; nurturing my individual growth and providing me space and opportunity to embrace my own purpose.

Pamela’s unwavering loyalty to living empowered, graciously, and purposefully has been motivating beyond words.  She is a blessing in the lives of all those she encounters.
– Jennifer McVay, former administrative assistant

Pamela was my first boss out of college, though she never allowed me to refer to her that way. She preferred to treat me as her mentee and teammate and direct me as a coach. Through intentional conversation and keen observation, she quickly identified my strongest skills and gave me responsibilities that she knew would not only make me realize my potential but grow it, as well. Pamela built me up, one day and situation at a time.

“Shine!” That was the instruction she gave me countless times. It was her way of reminding me to not just work in order to earn a paycheck but more, to delight in the incredible opportunities I had to learn, achieve, and serve others. Pamela became my friend almost overnight yet remained a professional leader I could respect and look up to. On the hardest days and the on the easiest, her character and confidence remained.

I soaked in her guidance like a thirsty sponge and with the newfound confidence that she instilled in me, I pursued my dream jobs – writing and editing. I could go on and on with examples of how Pamela propelled me toward success, both professionally and personally. Even though I no longer have the privilege to work alongside her each day, I remember her admonition to “shine” in all that I choose to do!
– Catlin Meadows

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